ArrowIsland-logo-topArrow Island: Choosing God’s Way Today’s world is full of choices! Too often Biblical principles are separated from the choices we make. This VBS will equip your students to choose God’s way in every detail of their lives—all while exploring an island full of exciting tropical habitats! Find out more about Arrow Island by clicking on any category above or simply scrolling down! Overview Arrow Island: Choosing God’s Way shows students the importance of choosing obedience, godly friends, kindness, courage, and active faith. EVANGELISTIC Are you looking for a gospel-centered VBS program that weaves the salvation message into each lesson? Look no further than RBP VBS! Our Vacation Bible School programs are built around a solid theological framework and motivated by a desire to teach Bible truths using age-appropriate methods. KEY VERSE “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105 (KJV) SCOPE & SEQUENCE VBS 2014 Arrow Island Overview Chart A DAY ON ARROW ISLAND BASE CAMP AT SIGNAL ROCK—Gather your explorers every day for worship, singing, and a briefing on the day’s agenda. You might choose to let Feathers, the last of the booki booki birds, fly in to do the briefing—he’s the mascot puppet. SHADY COVE TRAIL—With excitement high, you’ll send your adventurers out to hike the trail and explore a new part of the island each day—places like Shaky Rope Bridge, Hideaway Cave, and Thunder Mountain. Each new lesson introduces your students to a Bible person with a choice to make—whether or not to choose God’s way. Your adventurers will learn how to make good choices of their own. ROTATIONS—VBS wouldn’t be complete without games, snacks, crafts, activity sheets, and a music & missions time. With each one, you can choose a discussion starter to reinforce the salvation or discipleship message. BACK TO THE BASE CAMP—When your students gather to review the day’s adventure, they can enjoy The Adventures of Jimmy Pitfall, brought by your local puppeteers, or a visit from the always hilarious Tracker Jack. Arrow Island Map Kit


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Director’s Materials
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Classroom Materials

  • Teacher Books (2s & 3s—Youth)
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  • Youth Handbook
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Operation Bangladesh

Operation Bangladesh

Reaching Children for Christ

The Problem: Children who live in the hilly, tribal part of Bangladesh get only about five years of education. If parents want their children to be educated beyond elementary school, they must send them away from home to a place where more schooling is available.

The Need: The Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches (BTABC) has started a Christian school and hostel in a place called Hebron. One hundred and fifty boys and girls have left their homes and are living at the hostel, but the buildings are old and badly in need of repair:

  • The school desperately needs a deep well to provide clean water for everyone.
  • The boys’ dormitory has no beds; the boys sleep on blankets on the concrete floor.
  • Sixty-five girls sleep in one room on wooden beds without any mattresses.
  • The dormitory needs to replace its leaking roofs with new tin roofs.

The Solution: More dormitory space and improved electricity are needed for all the children who want to come and learn. They need a primary school teacher. Our goal is to raise $30,000+ to help meet these needs! Assisting this school will allow the BTABC to turn their efforts toward education and reaching children in Bangladesh for Jesus!


2014 VBS Mission Offering Project - Operation Bangladesh

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Downloads: Comprehensive Packet
  • 6 stories about children at Hebron
  • Bangladeshi game
  • Poster
  • PowerPoint
  • Photos

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